About Us

Kepeä Taival entrepreneur is a active dog enthusiast, who trains sighthounds and agility. We have five four legged pack members, Greyhounds, Portuguese podengo, Border Collie and Spanish rescue dog.

Kepeä Taival was founded in 2006. We are small Finnish company, which has grown gradually over the years. Initially, we offered only sport dog massage- and photography services. In 2008 we started to import and sale dog supplies. One of the first brands was European DG Dog Gear –sighthound products which importer and distributor we still are exclusive in Finland.

In 2011 we opened our first official webshop. The second major change our online store experienced was in 2015, when we launched modern mobile compatible webshop. At the same pages were published also in English and placing orders worldwide became possible.

Finnish Kepeä Taival began the sales and import dog products in 2008. Sales began with sighthound products.

Our ideology has always been that we only keep in our product range high-quality products that are tested and approved. We are proud that our product range can be found in a number of products that are manufactured in Finland or in the European Union.

Usability. Quality. Safety.

Theses three values we follow when picking product range to our webshop. As we have dog sport background we found it important that the products are useful even in extreme condititions.

On dog supplies markets, quality of the products is variable. We try to choose the high-quality products that will last.

A good product is safe to use, it fits well and give your dog a freedom of movement. For example, in our toy product range is only toys which are made of non-toxic rubber compounds.

Products are delivered from our Finnish stock.

Kepeä Taival online store has a real-time inventory balance. Products are in Finnish warehouse, where they are delivered directly to the customer. We always try to be prepared for every season, but sometimes demand suprises us and some color or size option will run out. In this case, we are annoyed by the zero balance of the product as much as the customer. So we always try to fix the situation as soon as possible.

Our company or product range is not biggest in the world. But I hope it’s appropriate for you. We serve you and your dog with joy, thank you for choosing us!



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